Sign up for AFRINIC membership and request your first IP resources.


Welcome to AFRINIC's New Membership Registration Portal.

This portal enables organisations to request AFRINIC membership and IP resources.

All submitted requests will have to go through the Membership Application Process and before you submit your application, it is recommended to read the following documents to verify your eligibility for resource membership, understand what policies shall apply to your resource request and ensure you have all the required documentation ;

How to use this portal

The first section of this portal refers to your organisation's details and can be filled in by an administrative contact at your organisation. The second section is related to technical information and should be filled by someone with technical understanding of IP resources. This will ensure that accurate information about your IP resource planning is submitted to AFRINIC. This will mean that we can evaluate your request more quickly.

If you have any questions about the portal, the membership registration process or IP resources, please contact us on

Information/documents to provide

General Organisation information: this may be filled by an administrative person. You will need to have the following information ready: Name, Industry, General/Billing address, Email, Phone numbers, the CEO/Managing Director's contact details and at least two registered contact persons.

IPv4 Section: Someone with technical knowledge will need to complete a detailed addressing plan. To ensure that your addressing plan is complete, please refer to the IPv4 addressing plan section on the AFRINIC website.

ASN Requests: If you are currently multi-homed, please provide details and the ASNs of at least two peers. If you are not currently multi-homed, we will need to know the date by which you will be multi homed as well as the ASNs of at least two of the peers with whom you will multi-home in the future.

Documents Upload Section: Please use this section to upload the supporting documents that will help to justify your request for resources:

  • A scanned copy of a document that confirms your legal presence in the AFRINIC service region (mandatory).
  • Equipment purchase proof (invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes).
  • Peering contracts with BGP peers

Please use the credentials that you submitted when you registered for this portal.